On our way to our promised land, our dreams, we must at some point experience the wilderness. For me, this time was spent writing letters to God, pouring out my heart, thirsting for His presence and hungering to hear His voice. Those letters, now set to music, are THE RIVER. May it refresh you on your journey.

A New Day

We all have bad days, they are unavoidable. But the hope of Christ is that His grace is new every morning. This song tells the story of God’s grace during a friend’s painful divorce and the constant journey of faith needed to guide teens through the obstacles that attempt to throw them off course. As bad as today may seem, we have the hope of tomorrow…. ‘tomorrow’s a new day!’

Through the Storm

This song was written for Bridget’s friends who lost their 17 year old daughter in a car accident. It is her prayer that this song ministers to all who have lost someone they love. ‘Heaven seems so far away and I just can’t wait that long. When the one that we love is there, it’s not easy to hold on….when I feel I’m going down for the last time, You reach out with your loving arms and say, I’m gonna hold you through the storm.’


“Over the past year I have experienced the grace and love of God like never before. When I thought God had totally given up on me, he suddenly showed me His amazing, unconditional love. This song is my testimony. This new CD is an outward expression of the unbelievable work God has done in my heart and life. So many times during the day I simply look toward heaven, smile and say ‘Lord you truly overwhelm me everyday’.”

Where Do I Go From Here?

This song was written about Bridget’s experiences as a counselor at her local crisis pregnancy center. ¬†Bridget is passionate about the pro-life cause and speaks and performs frequently at pro-life events. This song is included in the compilation CD benefiting “The Christmas Village”, a counseling home for women with crisis pregnancies.

The Blessing

“The Blessing” was written by Bridget after experiencing a devastating miscarriage. A few months after her miscarriage, a friend of Bridget’s died of a massive brain aneurysm at the age of 27. Her name was Suzanne. Her friend had just become a new mother herself 5 months before she died. Every night when she put the infant in his crib, she would speak the blessing from Numbers over him as she put her hands on his tiny body, “May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and be faithful to you.” In memory of Suzanne and in honor of the new baby that Bridget was soon blessed with, Bridget wrote the song “The Blessing.” The response to this song has been phenomenal. Mothers and Child-Loss Support Groups have called and written saying how much this song has helped them through their loss.

All I Have Is You, In the Middle of it All, Lord, Somebody Needs You

These songs were recorded at the Legendary Studios of Muscle Shoals Sound and produced by the “Swamper” Jimmy Johnson. Musicians featured on these songs include guitarist Will McFarlane, bass David Hood, percussion Roger Hawkins, and the legendary Clayton Ivey on keyboards.

Eye in Every Storm and Woman at the Well

These unforgettable songs were written by friend and renowned praise and worship leader Lenny LeBlanc. (Bridget was blessed to have Lenny sing background on the 3 songs previously mentioned in Muscle Shoals.) David Huff sings a duet with Bridget on “Woman at the Well.” This song was Bridget’s first Top 20 Hit.