Bridget has traveled the world presenting her life­‐changing women’s conferences.  At each conference, Bridget’s riveting stories, humorous anecdotes, and multimedia illustrations present scriptural wisdom in a unique and inspiring way.  Each participant receives a study guide to fill out during the sessions.  These personalized notes go home with the attendee, who can use them to meditate on and apply the message long after the conference has ended.

I Choose Joy!

ichoosejoy“I Choose Joy!” renovates hearts and lives through life­‐giving principles and scripture, teaching women how to rise above their circumstances and have a joy­‐filled life every day.


What’s Your Dream?

whatsyourdream“What’s Your Dream?” features the study “A Bad Case of Israelitis.”  Whether you are 18 or 80, God has a calling for your life. He has put a dream in your heart…your Promised Land.  Many of us have fallen ill and cannot make the journey.  We have developed a “Bad Case of Israelitis.”  Thankfully, there is a cure.  It is never too late to fulfill God’s ultimate purpose for your life.


Change the World!

changetheworld“Change the World” will inspire you to go change your world – one life at a time.  This study highlights nine amazing women of faith, from Queen Esther to Columbine’s Rachel Scott, using video, personal testimony, and a workbook.  This beautiful visual presentation will nudge you out of your comfort zone and prepare you to have an adventure with God.


The Perfect Woman

theperfectwoman“The Perfect Woman” conference is based on James 3:2…”If we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way.” (NLT)  Every morning, we wake up with the best intentions – we want to encourage each other with our words.  But instead, with a slip of the tongue we bring destruction instead of life to those around us.  Until we give God total control of our hearts, we will not have control of our tongues.  Change your heart, change your words, change your life!  Humor, scripture and amazing video presentations make this a conference you will never forget.


Choosing Joy in a Broken World

choosingjoy“Choosing Joy in a Broken World,” is an updated revision of her life-changing study “I Choose Joy!” to reflect the changing times. Today, we see Bible prophecy played out in headlines around the world.  This study will excite and motivate you to become His voice of hope – and joy – in a broken world.


Bridget is also available to speak on many other topics.  E­‐mail her for more information.


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